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While marketing fundamentals and marketing goals are pretty much still focussed on business growth, the strategies and media involved in achieving your marketing goals must evolve to keep pace with the dynamic, evolving consumer behaviour patterns.
Creative Sanctum Blog - Digital Platform Advertising

The explosion of the pocket internet requires reexamination of digital marketing strategies. Market research is forcing marketers and advertisers to reexamine their strategies. Digital marketing needs to consider new digital behaviour trends. Resource allocation in terms of the print/digital split also requires a paradigm shift too. In the past five years, consumer behaviour has changed drastically. This trend continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Within the last five years, we have moved to searching for everything online (internet of things). The technological evolution in smart phone and mobile technology has brought the internet to every pocket & purse. DPA (Digital Platform Advertising) is a marketing tool worth having in your arsenal!

In this blog, we introduce you to DPA – Digital Platform Advertising. In addition, we’ll be discussing DPA’s benefits and ROI too!

Smart tech & smart thinking

DPA advertising has created a space on many platforms. A wide spectrum of businesses, from start ups & home industries to multi-national listed companies, share advertising screen time. This cost-effective advertising works best utilising your digital brand inventory. The trick is to incorporate it into a cost effective DPA program. A well managed DPA strategy offers the highest ROI amongst all the advertising media. 

DPA offers great ROI

In this paragraph, we will discuss the multiple benefits in digital platform advertising. Firstly, DPA (Digital Platform Advertising) offers multiple cost benefits. Secondly, you benefit from reduced content creation, logistics, printing & distribution costs when compared to print & paper. In other words, you save money. Thirdly, DPA allows a large audience to be exposed and re-enforced to your brand. In addition, you are able to broadcast your message in a unique, efficient, and cost-effective way. It also offers a wider creative variety for exposure to your offerings – an attractive enticement indeed.

Business growth will always be the focus of marketing fundamentals and marketing goals. However, strategies and media involved in marketing must constantly grow & evolve. In addition, marketing activities need to keep pace with the evolving consumer behaviour patterns. This therefore necessitates a transition to and greater focus on digital platform advertising. Technology developments has seen a drop in the cost of DPA (digital platform advertising). This means that DPA is now more widely available and easily accessible.

Creative Sanctum is a specialist digitally based brand development and marketing organisation. We are ideally placed to assess your current advertising resources. We can grow your exposure on multiple digital advertising platforms.

Digital Platform Advertising offers a variety of options

When considering a Digital Platform Advertising solution for you, we consider the various value add factors. The objective is to reduce your investment and maximise your return. Campaign goals and objectives dependent, we can custom a DPA solution for you that consists of a combination of: 

Static Digital Ads: These are usually single image, produced in HD (Full Colour) format. Static ads can be placed on digital billboard with permanent display. You can also schedule rotation through time slots. Further, rotation maximises the benefit of using your existing digital inventory. Creating campaign-specific digital billboards more frequently is an additional benefit of rotation.

Animated Digital Ads: This is a multi-image, animated HD (Full Colour) “slideshow” type product. This format can be placed across single or multiple platforms. Moreover, this allows for rotation through multiple screens across multiple time slots. Our digital production team will be able to create campaign-specific animated digital ads. We integrate your digital brand inventory into the animations. This ensures that the tone of the animation is in line with the identity of your brand and campaign.

Video Ads: HD Full Colour video advertising with rotation through screens & time slots.

Digital Placement Management – It’s not just about placing an ad. The plan is to optimise your spend/exposure ratio. We plan your scheduling across key time-slots and number of platforms. The desired outcome is to maximise your brand impact. In conclusion, maximum return on minimum investment.


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