Evolution into Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective tool that we utilise to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.
Creative Sanctum Blog - Evolution into Video

When we consider the evolution of the digital landscape, we look beyond the traditional ideas of a text-driven webpage. It’s evolved beyond pretty pictures, or social media posts with impact-creating text & images. Software, internet speed, computing power has changed consumer behaviour. Further, this has created a new demand, driving an evolution into video marketing. High high quality, relevant, impactful video and animation content on your online presence. The obvious choice would be video. The digital marketing revolution now expects video as part of your brand’s online presence. Video has now totally changed the way brands interact and connect with customers. This has impacted directly on the way a brand presents itself, sells itself and markets itself. As a result, the evolution into video marketing has impacted how customers shop, consume, and the way customers expect to be wooed.

When we look at your digital strategy and presence, we consider video as part of the mix. This is not to say that every brand, marketing plan or solution needs high-cost, custom videos in the marketing mix. Rather we look at the demand for video content and how best to use existing your existing video content. We can rework your existing video material and use of stock video content in developing your online and digital identity.

We understand the impact and popularity of video when used optimally in your online presence. The popularity of video content is somewhat easy to understand. Video an easily digested format that does not require the “eye-stress” of reading and absorbing copious volumes of text. YouTube boasts over a billion hours of view-time per day. In other words, the popularity of video streaming services is an indication of the popularity of video as a digital medium.

Return on Investment

From a content perspective, we incorporate (budget allowing & need dependent) videos in various avatars. Some of the more common uses would be on website landing pages, social media posts, blogs and even email campaigns.

Video production is relatively expensive when compared to the other components of digital branding & marketing. Our objective, first and foremost, is that you achieve your objectives with a high as possible return on investment. It is not so much as creating a video that is key to achieving your marketing goals, but equally important from a marketing perspective, to have an understanding of the different types of videos out there. We review your material to develop a proper understanding of the purpose of your video content. Video content creation and post production is expensive. Therefore, we put a lot of thought & planning into the video strategies and solutions we create for you. Our approach to video content is based on your need for a specific type of video. From the view of digital marketing specialists, we have identified four broad categories of videos.

  1. Explainers: This type of video is developed to impart information about your products and services. Operations & service instructions and customer service applications are also video-driven.
  2. Interviews: An ideal medium to generate or stimulate conversation between two or more people. Videos can also feature a specialist or market and brand influencer.
  3. Reviews: Videos featuring brand ambassadors, influencers, customers, experts etc.
  4. Live: Up close, personal, and often streamed on social channels. Used to commemorate or mark occasions, anniversaries, product launches etc.

Evolution into video marketing

Video marketing is an effective tool to promote and market your product or service. It also increases engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers. You can now reach your audience with a new medium. In other words, we incorporate video to market your brand, product or service, engage on social media channels. Video can educate your prospective and current customers, and allow you to interact with them.

Another advantage of using video on your platforms is the SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits of using video. SEO algorithms consider video as high value & premium content. We build SEO by creating content that ensures video content is posted/streamed with the right keywords, a strong title and effective META texts. This well considered posting does wonders for your SEO and page ranking.


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