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Don Draper – Mad Men

Colour Psychology

Colour pervades everything, even finding use in language. We say we’re “feeling blue” when we’re sad, that we’re “green with envy”, or that we’re “seeing red” when we’re exhibit anger. There is a certain cultural and psychological impact associated with colours That’s because we naturally associate colours with moods and emotions.

Colour psychology, in a marketing context, is the study of the effects of colours in brand perceptions and consumer behaviours.

Visual impact is an important consideration in brand development. In our approach to your branding needs, colour psychology is involved in everything. We consider colour in your logo design, marketing materials, the way you build your website to your social media strategy. The outcome is based, not only understanding what each colour means from a psychological perspective, but also understanding how your target customers will respond to the shades you choose.

Image Psychology

If you think you purchase the goods and services you do based upon rational thinking, think again. Have you ever wondered why ads feature beautiful models, adorable puppies, cute babies and hilarious gags? Every day our decisions are being moulded by our media environments. There is an increasing number of on-screen images, words and pictures that sometimes even follow you around the Internet. Recent marketing research reveals that consumer behaviour in brand purchase decisions is influenced very largely, on a subliminal and sub-conscious level, by the associations and feelings attributed to image association.

A picture is worth a thousand hits. Images act as the best storytellers. It’s easy to evoke an emotion, a dream or a vision simply by using a well-placed carefully composed image. One of the elements in image selection is to ensure that when potential customers reach your visual media (pamphlet, brochure, company profile, website, social media pages etc.), they will ‘read’ the images. Image selection subliminally influences customers (in a split second), to make a decision whether or not the rest of your content is relevant to them.

When it comes to the crunch – you can lead a customer to your product, but unless it looks alluring and the image confirms that they need your product or service in their life; the customer will drop off at the final moment and they won’t complete the transaction and/or engagement with your brand.

Logo Design

Any potential customer’s first look (and first impression) of your company is usually your logo. Logos are aften considered as the face of a company. A well-designed logo projects a company’s images and associated brand identity. This is achieved by effectively, scientifically and creatively blending font, colour and composition in the design process. Our work on logos is guided by a logo design process that considers research and strategy as important as creativity and design. The outcome is a bespoke, meticulously crafted logo that complements your brand and seamlessly fits in with the colour and image psychology considerations.

The five basic and key characteristics that we incorporate into logo design are:

  • Simplicity: Easily identifiable at a glance
  • Scalability: Ability to be scaled up or down without losing effectiveness.
  • Memorable: Creating an impact
  • Versatile: Utilised across all media and branding platforms
  • Relevant: Timeless and unaffected by fads and trends.

Logo creates the identity of your business and reflects your company’s personality. It’s the foundation of your brand marketing strategy, and should be designed carefully to capture your consumer’s imagination.


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