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Social Commerce – the evolution of eCommerce

The digital world evolves every day. eCommerce is no exception. Innovation has driven the evolution to social commerce.
Social Commerce

The digital world evolves every day. Innovation, convenience, & economics. All these factors drive this evolution. Even sectors of the online world further evolve within themselves. eCommerce is no exception. This evolution has now given rise to social commerce.

Social commerce is a subset of e-commerce. It’s now where everything happens. Social media has become a virtual mall of sorts, right in the palm of our hands. We can browse products, find inspiration, and also purchase within a few clicks. It’s changing the way we shop. This includes:

  • Product discovery.
  • Click to purchase.
  • In App payment.
  • Customer support.

As a result, platforms have begun to introduce new social commerce tools:

  • Instagram Shops make it easier for businesses to build online stores.
  • Instagram Checkout rolled out to US-based brands, further allowing users to make direct purchases.
  • Pinterest introduced a Shop tab. Users could browse and shop via product Pins.
  • TikTok is testing TikTok Shopping, via their partnership with Shopify.
  • Chatbots are also on the rise. They serve as further customer care tools.

Click here to find out more. Also look at the 10 huge Social Media trends for 2022.

Monique Thomas is a Content Marketer at Later. She also loves helping brands define their voice and content strategy. The link above is her full blog and thoughts on social commerce.


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