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UX factor – You need the X-factor

UX factor - You need the X-factor

Everyone in retail will agree that the longer a customer is in-store, the greater the chance of a sale. If not today, then certainly tomorrow. They’ll also remember your store name & brand, and chances are that they will mention your store to other people too. Marketing experts call this the shopper experience. In the online world, it’s exactly the same. The longer a (potential) customer spends on your site, the greater chance of closing a sale. On a website, the customer experience is termed the user experience or UX. In other words, Your online success depends on your X-factor – the UX factor

The browsing experience starts with the eye – an attractive shop window catches attention. The shop window can focus on a single product or a range of products. It may highlight special offers, additional services, or any combination of these. It’s what brings the customer to your store.

Have you ever wondered why ads feature beautiful models, adorable puppies? Why do you often see cute babies and hilarious gags in ads? There is a common theme in images, words and pictures that follow you around the Internet.

The principle is exactly the same for your website. Your (potential) customer looks at your site as soon as it opens on the browser. The first (user) experience is purely visual. This places critical importance on the appearance of your site. The first image and colour combinations are critical.

the UX factor – it’s like a good soup

Colour pervades everything, even finding use in language. We say we’re “feeling blue” when we’re sad, that we’re “green with envy”. That we’re “seeing red” when we’re exhibit anger. There is a certain cultural and psychological impact associated with colours. That’s because we naturally associate colours with moods and emotions.

Shapes go a long way in creating visual identity. As a result, shape consideration is an important element in design. Shapes can be used to communicate a brand message. They can be used to represent a brand’s vision, identity, and goals. Shapes also help designers organize content in a visually appealing manner, thus contributing to a positive UX factor. They help lead the eyes to the most important sections of a website.

A picture is worth a thousand hits. Images act as the best storytellers. It’s easy to evoke an emotion, a dream, or a vision simply by using a well-placed carefully composed image. Image selection subliminally influences customers in a split second. Consequently, the image is the decision influencer whether or not the rest of your content is relevant to them.

Creating Sanctum – Our X factor

So we know it’s a visual thing. However, creating the perfect visual mix is both a science and an art. It is a combination of colour, shape, and image psychologies. You can throw in logo design into the mix as well. We start with an analysis to understand user’s interaction on your website. The interaction revolves around access to

  • information,
  • products,
  • systems,
  • and services.

We consider usability, design, navigation, and impression. The site must look good and be easy to use. Your logic must also make sense to your user. Furthermore, it must be easy to follow and use. However, it can’t be too complicated! Simply put, it’s all about a great user experience.

To create a great UX factor, you need a team that above all else, has the X factor. You need a team that understands this recipe. Basically, you need to get in touch with Creative Sanctum!


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