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Web Copy – It’s Creating Word Art

Creating well-written web copy is an integral part of your brand development.
Web Copy - It's Creating Word Art

Creating well-written web copy is an integral part of your brand development. It professionally and clearly represents you without complicating your message. Readers are busy. they want you to get to the point. The art in web copy writing is to keep them reading. Therefore, the longer they stay, the better for you. There’s no point investing in a website if nobody is directed to it. You want your website easily found on Google. And you also want it to rank high.

There is a fine line between creativity and effectiveness. Copy writers, web designers & developers refer to it as search engine optimisation or SEO. It is a measure of how highly your online presence is regarded by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Your online content is a huge part of the ranking and scoring in SEO measurement. Many web designers create great looking and feeling sights, without consideration for the quality of the copy content. As a result, the websites they create rank poorly with search engines.

What Makes Good Web Copy?

“How do I find good copy? Above all, you need to be confident that you’re investing in something good. Web companies that understand the value of copy writing will emphasise it in their pitch. It’s certainly, and always, a big part of our pitch to every client.”

Firstly, good copy reads well. It’s clear, concise and on point. It delivers the desired message in an effective manner to the intended audience. Good copy must be effective. It must measure well and contribute to the readability score in your SEO ranking. Apart from generating a high Flesch_Kincaid reading score, your web copy must also:

  • have sentence lengths that make reading easier,
  • have paragraphs that are not too long and cumbersome,
  • distribute sub headings to both arrange information and break monotony,
  • ensure a combination of variety and creativity in your text,
  • be relevant to the tags and key phrases you use,
  • have a thorough key phrase distribution through the page. This will include the page title, sub-headings, text, meta texts and slugs,
  • and include links to relevant internal and external content.

Good writing is simple. It’s easy to understand. It lacks unnecessary complexity. The vocabulary is varied but not pretentious. What makes writing even more interesting than its style, is its substance.

Good Web Copy Writing Is Important

Your ad, brochure or website copy is your secret salesperson. Good copy, much like a salesperson, will persuade the reader to buy your product or service. You can be sure it will make a favorable impression, one that is consistent with your brand. There’s no shortage of messages competing for your customers’ attention. You don’t want to lose out because your copy is ineffective.

Sound bites and 140 character messages are not all that are driving the online world. Good copy writing still matters when it comes to marketing your business online. Good web copy improves the image that customers will form about your business via your website and online presence. Marketing professionals know that good copy is more important than ever. The measurable benefits of good web copy are compelling enough to justify the expense of hiring a professional copy writer. In today’s competitive online landscape, it is definitely worth investing in good copy writing.

Bad Web Copy Is… well, BAD

The opposite is true as well. Bad writing can have a profound negative effect on your business. Basically, poor copy is bad for your image. And what’s bad for your image, is bad for your brand. For instance, bad copy:

  • will firstly, lower your search engine rankings and fail to get you noticed,
  • secondly, negatively impact your efforts to attract customers, investors and good-quality employees
  • thirdly, help your competition by making them look better than you
  • and finally, result in lost sales.

In other words, it’s bad for your business. And, that’s bad for your bottom line!

Content Creation That Works

Quality copy is an essential ingredient in creating a bond with your customers, both in initially gaining their trust and later in sustaining their loyalty. Not only does good writing make your brand stand out amid the clutter, it separates your business from its many competitors. Good copy establishes credibility as an industry authority and leader. It build your brand’s image and reputation. Good copy really matters. It should not be something that is neglected. It should never be something that someone in your office cobbles together in a couple of hours. Consider money you spend on copy writing as an investment, not a cost. After all, it’s a tool to convert prospects & potentials into customers and sales!

Talk to us. We’d like to get to know about your goals and what you want to achieve. We can look at the best ways to present your message. After all, we’re WRITE for you 😉


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