Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

— Robert L. Peters, Designer & Author

Case Studies

From a marketing perspective, the objectives of brand building are universal across brands & industries. However, the marketing strategy development process differs radically between products, sectors, target markets as well as the marketing mediums. At Creative Sanctum, we assess the holistic brand/product objective and develop a brand/product digital & online strategy around your marketing objectives and business goals. This includes an analysis of the target customer profile (including LSM), the online behaviour patterns of the target customer profile and the online mediums that are best suited to both customers profile and brand identity. By pairing your brand & campaign to the best online medium (or combinations of media), we create an online strategy & campaign to achieve your marketing objectives around your brand and products.

Some of our work

Creative Sanctum - Media Bandits Website
Creative Sanctum - Bryanston Organic Market
Creative Sanctum - Desh Consulting Website
Creative Sanctum - African Ubuntu Safaris
Creative Sanctum - Auxilium Consulting Solutions
Creative Sanctum - Dr Angela Cosmetic Clinic


Some of our thoughts

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